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Data Warehouse
Oracle, Teradata, Redshift, Aurora, SQL Server, Cloud Migration, Performance Tuning, HA, ETL, Data Lakes, etc.

•Data Warehouse
•Data Lakes – Pipeline
•Spark, Scala, ETL
•Database Migration
•Redshift, Azure SQL

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Cloud Archiecture
Assembling components and services to enable enterprise data warehouse and advanced analytics in the cloud.

•Cloud Architecture
•Data Pipeline
•Elastics scaleability
•AWS, Azure, GCP

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Big Data Analytics
Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Data Management, ETL Jobs, Performance Tuning, Advanced Analytics with R and Python.

•Hadoop, EMR, Ambari
•Hbase, Hive, Beeline, ODBC
•Sqoop, YARN, Zookeeper
•Parquet, ORC, AVRO
•Scala, Spark, Kafka

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Data Science
Data Mining, Text Analytics, NLP, Boosting, Bagging, DTree, K-Means, Time Series, etc. Data Driven Science, Validation

•Forecasting, Classification
•Clustering, Segmentation
•Customer Experience
•Time Series, GLM, LR
•R, Python, SAS

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We have been building business intelligence, data warehouse and advanced analytics systems for decades. We can help you optimize your existing systems. Cloud or On-Premise. We can help you migrate your data to the Cloud or back again. "We start with solving the Business problem."

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Consulting Services

Cloud Migration · Data Modeling · Machine Learning · Software Development [Contact Us]

Data Warehouse

EDW Cloud Migration, Architecture, ETL (RealTime, Batch), Star Schema, Cubes, SQL – NoSQL, Big Data, etc.

Data Modeling

ERD, Data Dictionary, Facts, Dimensions, Hierarchies, Keys, Relationships, Doc-JSON, UnStructured, Graph, IOT, etc.

Data Science

Forecasting, Classifiers, Segmentation, Sentiment, OpIntel, Clustering, Deep Learning. TensorFlow, R, Py

Data Pipeline

Realtime, Batch, ETL, Pipeline, Spark, Kafka, IOT, MQTT, ELK, Splunk, Spring Rest API, DevOps, Jenkins, Release, etc.

We are technology focused and have a long record of successfully delivering quality, feature and value to our customers. We build, deploy, manage and secure complex elastics architectures in the cloud, containerize and on-premise.

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