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Cloud Data Warehouse
Design, Development, Build, Data Lakes, Oracle, Redshift, Aurora, BusIntel Cloud, OnPremise: Scalable, Secure, Perf. etc.

•Data Warehouse
•Data Lakes, BusIntel
•Database Migration
•RDS, Redshift, S3, etc.

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Cloud Archiecture
Docker, Mesosphere, Kubernetes, Containers, Orchestration, DevOps, Jenkins, Marketing, IOT, Healthcare, etc.

•Cloud Architecture
•Kubernetes, Mesos
•Data Pipeline, DevOps
•MS Azure, HDP, MachLearn

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Big Data Hadoop
Hadoop, HDFS, Ambari, Hive, Pig, YARN, Kafka, Zookeeper, Storm, MR, Sqoop, Flume, NiFi, Mesos, Yarn, Solr, UDF/UDAF.

•HDP, HDFS, Ambari
•Spark, Streaming, RDD
•Kafka, Flume, Storm
•EMR, HD Insight …

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Machine Learning
DeepLearning, Data Mining, Advanced Analytics, BusIntel, Dashboards, Reports, Visualization, Statistics, etc.

•Python, R, SAS: MachLearn
•Numpy, NLTK, Theano, TF
•EDA, Research, Vizualize
•Data Prep, Quality, ETL

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We're composed of Former Principal Software Engineers from Google, Amazon and Others. We have been building business intelligence, data warehouse and advanced analytics systems for decades. We can help optimize an existing systems ( cloud or on-premise ) -or- help you migrate To or From the Cloud. We are a Big Data Analytics Company.
"We start with solving the Business problem."

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Consulting Services

Cloud Database Migration, Data Modeling, Machine Learning, Software Development [Contact Us]

Cloud Migration

Data Warehouse Migration to the Cloud, Architecture, Data Model, ETL, Data Quality, Star Schema, Automation, Scaling, HA, SQL-NoSQL Aggregation end point for Big Data.

Data Modeling

ERD, Data Dictionary, Cube Design, Facts, Dimensions, Hierarchy Definition, Data Diagrams, Data Flow, Normalization, Sort Key, Partition Key, Storage Key, JSON, Data Grams and More.

DeepLearning – Analytics

TensorFlow, Numpy, Theano, R, SAS, Text, NLP, IVR, Cx/Ux, Personalization, Marketing, CNN, RNN, CEP, EDA, SIEM, Similarity, Regression, Prediction, Fraud Detection, MapD GPU, GPU Acceleration.

Data Pipeline

Architecture, Python, Java, Scala, Spark, Kafka, Node, JS, R, SAS, ETL, IOT Edge, Reporting, Visualization, MQTT, IOT, SIEM: Elastic ELK, Splunk, Rest API, DevOps, Testing, Jenkins, Orchestration.

Blueskymetrics is a leader in providing Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions to our customers. We have proven our ability over the last 15+ years to build, deploy, manage and secure complex high-availability architectures on the cloud as well as on-premise within a customer's dedicated infrastructure. Our clients range from Fortune-level global enterprises to non-profits. We are technology focused and have a long record of successfully delivering quality, feature and value to our customers.

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