Considerations, AWS Data Warehouse, Part I

Considerations – AWS Data Warehouse, Part I The following post is a list of considerations when developing an AWS Data Warehouse solution.  Use it as a good starting point for discussions with architects, project management and stake-holders. There are many times when starting a new data warehouse project and you’re not quite sure what should[…]

Use Python to Clean Your Text Stream

Ok, Potty Mouth. Your Time is Up! .. Maybe Not? In this post, I’m going to show you a decent Python Function (Lib) you can use to clean your text stream. Thoughts: We do “Allot” of Sentiment Analytics and use several methods, libs and use cases.  There are times when you’ll be asked to remove the[…]

Use Tableau Public for Rapid Visualization

* TIP MOBILE USERS * : “Landscape View Best for Visualization” Go Ahead, Use Tableau Public, It won’t bite. We use Tableau public for rapid visualization and prototyping. I going over my Top 5 reasons to use Tableau Public for Rapid Visualization. [Please contact Tableau Sales for information on all the versions that are available].[…]

AWS Architecture – Top 5 Best Practices [Diagraming]

Cloud Architecture Diagram Development There is more to Architecture than creating pictures. You need to understand the goals of the system, the components and how every thing fits together. However, The best place to start is a great architectural diagram. We use diagrams to visualize a database design (ERD). We use them to understand a[…]

IOT, DynamoDB, Data Generator and You.

Simulate IOT Devices with a Data Generator There are many times when you will want to simulate the data being generated from your IOT device in the field. This post is the 2nd in a series focused on IOT Data Generation. I’ve spend time lately in DynamoDB and I have to say its a great[…]

IOT Projects: Where to Start?

The following are some best practices on where to start with an IOT project. Some would ask, “Is an IOT project that different than most projects?” Yes, There are some things to consider and the following is a brief outline that we ask our customers when starting a new IOT project.  If you invest time at the[…]

Build an IOT data generator

So, You’re getting ready to build the next best IOT Edge Analytics platform but you don’t want to shell out the “big bucks” for a whole lot of IOT sensors. Easy – Build a data generator based on your model and simulate predictable trends. The following is a framework of a project for you.  You[…]