Use Tableau Public for Rapid Visualization

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Go Ahead, Use Tableau Public, It won’t bite.

We use Tableau public for rapid visualization and prototyping. I going over my Top 5 reasons to use Tableau Public for Rapid Visualization. [Please contact Tableau Sales for information on all the versions that are available]. For Us, Its about enabling our Dev teams to build and deploy as quickly as possible without getting slowed down by a feature that may not be available in another visualization tool. To be fair, We build in D3.js and other Popular JS Visualization frameworks and yes, We still use Tableau with our customers where it makes the most sense to do so. i.e. “Right tool for the right job!”

Top 5 Reasons why we use Tableau Public …for Rapid Visual Prototyping.

1) It’s Just Cool!…
Hah, Let me explain. Take a minute and play with the sample embedded visualization above. Hover the bars, Adjust a control, change a filter, Double-Click on something (WARN: It will open another window with Tableau). With a Free account, I was able to download the product to my (MAC), build that visualization (in a reasonable amount of time), upload to the Tableau Public Server and use the embedding features to place the visualization into my post.

2) It’s Free! (at Least for Now)…
Check out this Link from Tableau. They explain it much better than I could. There are limitations. Please be careful what “Data” you put out there into the Public Server. However, If you have sample data that is PII Obfuscated (Safe) and does not represent a private data set; I still think its a great place to start -Or- Purchase one of the other paid versions.

3) It’s Fast.
Speed is relative on the Internet. I mean its fast to get your data into the tool and start building ..something. Hah, I’ve had to hold peoples hand (literally) the first few times they use the tool but it does not take much time for folks to become.. proficient. There are many new features available. (This post is about enabling Rapid Visual Prototyping; However, “Click-Here” for more information from the Tableau Website). IF you want to show ..anything.. quickly, Tableau should be one of your Top 3 tools.

4) It’s Everywhere.
Chances are you have seen a blog post, article or story that used a Dynamic embedded visualization using Tableau Public. As far as Fortune 500 companies and customer list; You can check with Tableau for more information…

5) Data Connectivity is immense in the Paid Versions.
The public version has limitations in data sets (CSV, Excel, Stats file..etc.). As you move through the paid tools; The world of connectivity of the tool really opens up. This can be good and bad. CAUT: Try not to use a visualization tool for ETL even if you’re tempted. Take a moment and build a real ETL process that is supportable, scalable and achieves your corporate data quality standard.

We implement Hadoop (in many versions and abstractions) with our Customers. Tableau connects to Hadoop. There is also a world of ODBC connectors for most of the popular databases available. The point, if you’re embarking on Marketing, Health Care, IOT, Finance ..etc Analytics – Data Mining project; Its a journey – Do your research and see if Tableau has the connectivity you need and will work for you. Chances are good that you will find a connector that will.

…Parting Thoughts
There are plenty of other visualization tools out there and I will cover my Top 5 favorites in a latter post. Again, We architect, build and implement visualization solutions in JS, Node, Python and others. But, For “Rapid Prototyping” with “Safe” data, we’ll build something quickly with Tableau and are seldom disappointed with the time it took or the quality of the artifact. Have Fun!

If you have questions about your IOT, EDW, AWS or Analytics project, Please Email Us – We’ll will respond ASAP.

Thank you, – Gus Segura

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