Microservice Horizons 2017


Microservice – DevOps Horizons 2017

2016 was an exciting year for Architecture, DevOps, Testing and Continuous Integrations for those implementing “Container Orchestration” and Microservice Architectures.  DevOps – Testing – CI have found they’re feet in most enterprises.  Companies are implementing application decoupling at an astounding rate. Multiple release per day are becoming common place.  Folks are looking for ways to decrease spend, increase yield on current investments in the cloud and on-premise.

At Blueskymetrics, We help customers implement Microservices, Container Orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere and others.  These are the “Data-Pipelines” moving Big Data in volume at scale through technologies like Spark, Kafka, Mesos, Storm, Rabbitmq, Redis to end points like Redshift, Hadoop HDP,  MongoDB – Couchbase, MapD and GPU enhanced database systems. Docker, Microservices and Orchestration are a vital part of enabling these technologies. So, What is on the Horizon for 2017?

Based on our experiences with Docker and Containerization; The following article is my Top 5 Use-Cases and Design Patterns for Microservices in 2017.

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1] DevOps 

As mentioned above. Allot of Dev teams are looking for ways to de-couple monolith releases cycles that are terribly complex, large, hard to test, harder to implement and are basically life-draining.  By breaking “these” into smaller more manageable code packets and being able to spin up development, testing and ci environments in a containers that only needs to last from minutes to days enables the Dev team to focus on feature and quality without having to worry about infrastructure. In 2017, this trend will continue – more tools (there are so many now) will continue to be implemented. Existing tools will continue to add feature.  Its an exciting time for DevOps.

2] Architecture Optimization

In 2017 and beyond,  People like you and me are looking for ways to get 100% utilization from our IaaS, compute, memory and storage spend in the cloud and on-premise.  Containers and Microservices can help enable this goal.  Instrumentation, resource logging and automation are key to understanding your user resource patterns and being able scale-up in high demand and scale-down for low.  This is still green field and a great place to implement machine learning on process to optimize spend.

3] Architecture Prototyping – Proof Of Concept

My team and I use this pattern often. We start testing a new technology, library and/or service in a container.  If there’s not a container available; We quickly build one. Then we’ll put the pieces together in a Kubernetes and/or Mesosphere to see how and if scales.  There are still times that we need bare-metal/dedicated cloud resource like GPU optimized databases.  We do “Evaluate” many different technologies; This is one pattern alone has helped optimize our resources significantly, reduce cost and improve timelines.

4] Separation of Concerns – Single Responsibility Principal

Great Answer on Quora by Ragesh Waghela  – “A system built using micro-services is a system that is built up of small, lightweight services, where each performs a single function.  The services are arranged in independently deploy-able groups and communicate with each other via a well defined interface and work together to provide business value”.

This pattern is not for everything and everyone. Microservices is not a Panacea for bad code, badly defined feature requirements and constrained corporate culture but it can help by enabling rapid prototyping, fail-fast on bad feature and helping the teams focus on  the “Parts” and not monolithic builds [ that require all hands to release ].

5] IOT Edge Analytics – Machine Learning – New Development

IOT Edge Analytics, Machine Learning – Deep Learning and New Development are still very leading edge.  New technologies and libraries are being released daily.  If you don’t have patterns for DevOps, CI, Testing, Architecture Research; Why not take a new development project and explore building the system in a container – microservice environment.  New projects are a great place to introduce new ways of getting work done and increasing efficiencies.

Even if you are 1/2 the way through a project, I would estimate that your system could benefit from testing, continuous integration, visualization and reporting built using container orchestration vs using dedicated resource.  FYI, We use both dedicated and containerized architectures for many of our engagements.  It’s all about using the right tool for the right job.

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