IOT Sample Architecture


IOT Plant Floor Sample Architecture

Architecture overview IOT Device – Analytics: Gus Segura

There is more than on way to implement IOT analytics for the Plant Floor. For me, its all about guaranteed message delivery (from the IOT Device), micro-services vs monolithic architecture and edge analytics (de-coupled from the cloud).  You have a choice on how you implement an IOT Platform.  The diagram and quick article is a brief overview of what to expect to find in any IOT Platform Architecture. This is typically a production floor with 1000’s of sensors and millions of messages flowing through the system at any time.

Plant Floor Production, Re-Work, Quality, Delays cost Money!

  • Plant Floor should be sending messages to the edge store and  the Cloud.
  • Monolithic Systems are giving way to Micro-Services – It Just makes sense.
  • Real-time data pipelines enable machine learning, visualization and process – now!
  • There is plenty of room for Big Data (Hadoop, MongoDB, GraphDB) and Relational.
  • Docker-ize everything that makes sense – including the analytics, deep learning, visuals.

  • There are many ways to move data around after its in a data lake.
    • Consider having a strategy that includes more than one path to your action window.
  • Data Discovery – enabling the data sets for analysis, machine learning, visualization
    • Make sure you have a tool and/or process so that stake-holders can find the data that is actually being generated.
  • Data Quality will keep you up a night
    • Unless you implement a strategy for sample, correction and re-work.
  • A Data Engineer is not the same as SDE
    • However- DevOps can and does work very well for Data Engineering and Data Pipe-line.

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