Top 5 IOT Device Types



Top 5 IOT Edge Device Types

The number of IOT Devices is growing every day. Its seems like everyone is offering a “connected device” and App. These devices range from interesting, inventive and innovative to strange [ maybe for now ]. The following is my Top 5 IOT Edge Device types.

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1] Home Automation 

This is a big area. It seems to be one with the largest growth areas for now. This is your auto soap ordering button. The interactive voice device on the night stand that can answer questions and play music.  The automated thermostat that can monitor – adjust your home to the best temperature.  The tele-presence device for your favorite pet.  The automated locking system for your home and of course the tooth brush that knows that you did not brush long enough.

2] Industrial Automation

If Home Automation has the highest growth then Industrial Automation has the greatest maturity in product.  IOT has existed on the plant for for decades in one form or another.  Early on they called these devices SCADA.  In keeping with the theme I thought I would list a few use-cases:  large scale shipping and tracking smart ID tags, work in process tracking – quality control, intelligent monitoring of critical hardware,  robotics and many more.

3] Healthcare – Fitness

How many people in your family have a fitness tracking band or device? How many of your co-workers? Did you get one this Holiday? You get the picture. The number and use-cases are expanding in this area; Including the following: breath checking diagnostics procedures,  real-time monitoring of activity level in order to tune you work-out, sleep monitoring that includes more than the basics things like REM cycle, o2 conversion, HR to activity [ having a bad dream? your device know and may be able to help ].

4] IOT Proto-Typing Devices

This is one of the most exciting areas.  Prototyping and building a new device requires learning about the technology. In the last few years, the number, variety and features have grown significantly.  If you check out the link at the end of this list, you can find a few of your favorites.  The point, Ten years ago – your selection was limited to a few devices and most people would say -“Oh, thats nice – you can monitor your soil water content – cute”.  We’re well beyond SBC’s with “Wifi” doing condensate sampling – However, its a great place to start!

5] Virtual Reality – Enhanced Reality

Yes, I got a popular VR Rig this Christmas. It was really no big deal putting my mobile phone into a plastic housing. The experience was fun and I’d recommend it [ i.e. the low cost plastic housing for your phone that may include a remote ]. In this device type, I’m also talking about the new auto-surgeon’s that assist doctors when the human hand just can’t quite move small enough and/or delicate enough, we’re talking about tele-presence on an agile drone doing oil rig inspection in the air and under the water. Hmm, can we go to MARS via VR? I’d certainly opt for a VR session versus a long space journey.

For more information, Check out this article from Datamation where Cynthia Harvey lists The 75 Top IOT Devices. IOT Devices are still very new and there is plenty of room to innovate. If you have questions about building a system for monitoring your IOT device data and doing some type of real-time analytics and/or machine learning, please email me. Have Fun!

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